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Secrets of International Import Export Trade

In export targeting
potential foreign market, the exporter should use a "Checklist" of factors.

The export objective is to identify those countries that import your type of product...whereas most exporters in the world usually focus their attention on the United States - because of its size and wealth.

Choice of International Foreign Market It makes good sense to focus the bulk of your research efforts on specific foreign markets targeted as your company first choice of export.

Manufacturers should determine which foreign market to target first... One technique exporters use to identify potential target countries, is to analyze the most recent import statistics of various countries.

Hazards of Export Packing & Shipping

Goods sent by air, are usually handled more carefully. Airplane are very expensive and the owners are usually more concern about their "Airplane" than the goods.

How to do Export Promotion? Promotion is the term used to describe marketing activities to persuade potential customers to buy.

A strategy is just a sophisticated name for a plan and exporting companies should always consider exporting Next Door.

The exporter's products may find easier acceptance in neighboring countries that use the same language and enjoy a similar culture or history.
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An exporter should have one basic plan for exporting, such a plan can be broken down into five basic steps:

1. Market Research
Product design
3. Pricing 
4. Distribution

International Import Export Strategy
The manufacturer may decide not to do export marketing by themselves, but prefer to employ a
trading house or export agent to act on their behalf in seeking market opportunities, promoting and securing orders.

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