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"There should be no reason for foreign buyers or sellers to find each other, lacking in 'good taste' and business manners."

A hastily and badly written e-message
will easily offend and sour a new business relationship before it even begins.

Many senders don't realize that most recipient that is willing to respond, usually evaluate on the quality of the sender communication skills, attitude and manners.

It can make or break business transactions. Simple mistakes can easily offend the recipient and sour a new business relationship.

The art of e-mail netiquettes
Export Correspondence
When to be Polite?
Why be Prompt?
Why the need to be Precise?
When to Persist?
Communication by e-mail is no different than writing on your company letterhead.

Business communication is business, period.
A certain degree of formality is required.

The allure of e-mail lies in its speed as well as being cheaper than postal mail or fax. E-mail, although lacking "real" physical stationery do present an outward manifestation of the sender innate character and attitude.

There should be no reason for the recipient to find the sender lacking in manners and good taste.

Most people know how to send e-mail but they don't know how to use it and the advantages of using e-mail can be quickly outweigh by liabilities for the careless.

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  Mind your manners. E-mail etiquette or netiquette has become a real problem with hastily written e-message.

Manners are personality -- the outward manifestation of a company or one's innate character and attitude.

eMail netiquette - Most e-people often don't introduce themselves properly.

Many e-business sender don't bother to use any salutation at all, a true case study example.


Here are some examples of e-mail salutation that should not be use at the start of any e-business relationship and yet they complain that they are not getting any respond to their business enquires.

Due to it's ease of use, e-mail often takes the form of a few short notes or paragraphs and is being abused, when the sender find that they can send any kind of messages to anyone with a hastily and badly written e-message.


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