Malaysia Export of  Electronic Equipment & Parts 

1993       1994      1995      1996      1997      1998      1999
Source: Economic Report 1999/2000 - Ministry of Finance Malaysia (top) Bank Negara Malaysia Monthly Statistical Bulletin (bottom) New Straits Times 8th June 2000

Value in RM Millions
  1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
24,881.4 33,197.0 35,509.2 40,887.2 54,482.6 65,485.4
Electronic Equipment & parts
17,755.4 23,583.2 29,123.8 39,888.6 59,692.0 79,400.0
Total Electronics Export 42,636.8 56,780.2 64,633.0 80,775.8 114,174.6 144.885.1

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  Malaysian Import Export Customs Documentation
Summary of Customs Control in relation to the clearance of goods. Application of customs control in relation to the clearance of goods is required under the Malaysian customs laws and regulations are as follows:

Directing all trading activities to prescribe points of entry such as customs ports, airports, customs entry points and customs stations.

Prescribing legal landing places for ports or entry points for the purpose of landing and loading of goods for import and export. Any landing or loading  undertaken in other than these landing places are deemed to be illegal and would be considered as smuggling...Read More

Letters of Credit
Payment cannot
be assured merely by using a documentary draft. Although the exporter may have shipped the goods as specified in the export sales agreement. The foreign importer, perhaps having changed its mind or its financial circumstances, may not pay for the goods when the documents are presented or when the time draft, even though previously accepted, falls due for payment. Consequently, to be on the safe side, the exporter may require a bank letter of credit, as well as a draft.

A letter of credit - A letter of credit  is a document issued by a bank at the request of the importer. Whereby the bank agrees to accept and/or pay drafts drawn upon it by the exporter so long as the conditions set out in the letter of credit (e.g., latest shipping date, no partial shipments etc.) are complied with.- To learn the Secrets of International Trade - Click Here


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