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Malaysia Manufacturers Importers Exporters  --  Secrets of International Import Export


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Prima Agri-products Sdn Bhd
16 & 18 Jalan P13, Bandar Baru Bangi,
43650 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel 03-8925-9224  Fax 03-8925-9784

Manufacturer of Process, Halal Meat and Meat products for the domestic and Export Market

Chong Kee Mee Manufacturer
Lot 1225, Jalan BS 7/17, Bukit Serdang Industrial Estate, Selangor, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
+60 3-8948 8516
All trade enquires welcome

Manufacturer of Mee and Noodle

Ace Canning Corporation Sdn Bhd
Lot 5, Jalan 205, 46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-7781-2755   Fax 03-7781-1328

Tetra Pak Drinks, Canned Beans And Peas, Canned Curried Products, Oriental Sauces, Chilli Sauces, Peanut Butter, Jelly Drinks, Curry Sauces,

Tomato Ketchup, Mineral Water Carbonated Drinks, Isotonic Drinks, Soya Bean Milk, Canned Flavoured Tea, Canned Jelly Drink, Coconut And Egg Jam, Tetra Pak Malt Drink

Angle Bakery Sdn Bhd
Lot 11A Jalan 23/5, Seksyen 23
Kawasan MIEL, 40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-5542-3388   Fax 03-5542-6601
Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Buns, Pineapple Tarts, Pies, Tarts, Moon Cakes
Asia Marine Products Sdn Bhd
15, Lebuh Raya Petai
Pandamaran Industrial Estate
42000 Port Klang
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-3168-9806   Fax 03-3168-3557
Cooked/Peeled Prawns, Raw Peeled Meat, Frozen Prawn/Shrimps Processors And Exports, Crabmeat, Whole Head-On Shrimps, Raw Peeled Tail-On, Raw Headless Shell-On
Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd
Lot 136
Rawang Integrated Industrial Park
Mukim Rawang, 48000 Rawang
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-6092-3677 / 3678   Fax 03-6091-6945
Curry Powder, Soups And Flour Based Products, Food Ingredients (In Paste Form)
A K Seenivasagam Brothers Sdn Bhd
5095, Mak Mandin Industrial Estate, 13400 Butterworth, Penang Malaysia Tel : 04-3331000   Fax : 04-3325014
Sesame Oil, Vermicelli, Pappadam, Gum Benjamin Tablets, Dhall (Husk Removed From Beans), Camphor Tablets, Omam Water, Asafoetida Powder

Bidor Kwong Heng Sdn Bhd
KS 12, Jalan Chew Hoot, 35500 Bidor, Perak Malaysia
Tel : 05-4341685   Fax : 05-4343685

Light, Thick, Dark Soya Sauce, Bean Paste, Plum Sauce, Chilli Sauce Vinegar, Black Vinegar, Sweetened Lime
Borden Foods (M) Sdn Bhd
368-8, 3 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Sungei Besi
57100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel 03-7981-1699   Fax 03-7981-4034
Corn Snacks, Rice Snacks, Potato Chips
Boon Weng Bakery Sdn Bhd
No 1, Jalan  Masyhur 2
Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang
81800 Ulu Tiram
Johor Malaysia
Tel : 07-8616618   Fax : 07-8619899
Bread, Confectionery (Swiss Roll)
Bumi Hijau Food Industries Sdn Bhd
43 Rumah Kedai Mara Jalan Kenangan
Kg Melayu Majidi
81100 Johor Bahru
Johor Malaysia
Tel : 07-3316267   Fax : 07-3315685
Sauce And Canned Food (Sauce Chili, Tomato, Oyster Sauce And Ketchup)
Besformec Industries Sdn Bhd
Lot 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Alor Gajah
Peringkat III, Daerah Alor Gajah
78000 Melaka Malaysia
Tel : 06-562709   Fax : 06-562087
Essence Of Chicken, Pharmaceutical
B & W Food Products Sdn Bhd
4765, Lorong Permatang Pauh
13400 Butterworth
Penang Malaysia
Tel : 04-3318125   Fax : 04-3317952
Instant Coffee Mix, Instant Cereal Mix, Instant Tea Mix, Instant Ginger Mix, Instant Chocolate Mix, Instant Orange Drink

13, Jalan BP 4/5
Bandar Bukit Puchong,
47120 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8052 1178, 603-8052 1188, 6017-289 4236
Fax: 603-8051 5273

We produce consistent quality flavours at competitive pricing for the industries. Majorities of our products are being used in bakery, candy, confectionery, ice cream and beverage industries.

Campbell Cheong Chan (M) Sdn Bhd
36 Jalan Penchala
46700 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-7781-8900   Fax 03-7781-6925
Tomato Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Sesame Oil, Soya Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Canned Beans And Peas
Chocolate Products Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Mak Mandin Industrial Estate
13400 Butterworth
Penang Malaysia
Tel : 04-3337711   Fax : 04-3317639
Cocoa Masse/Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Chocolates, Bubble Gum, Biscuit (Enrobed), Sweets, Malted Food Beverage
Chia Shing Food Industries & Trading Sdn Bhd
Lot No 2590, Jalan Welfare
Kg Baru Sungei Buloh
47000 Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-6156-2112   Fax 03-6156-2558
Snack Food And Confectionery Items
Cipta Foodstuffs (M) Sdn Bhd
8, 12 & 14 Lorong Mak Mandin Satu
Mak Mandin Industrial Estate
13400 Butterworth
Penang Malaysia
Tel : 04-3329875   Fax : 04-3329877
Groundnuts, Biscuits, Chocolate Confectionery, Sweets Confectionery
Chan Cheong Kee
58 Lengkok Rishah 2
Silibin Light Industrial Estate
30100 Silibin, Ipoh
Perak Malayisa
Tel : 05-5263888   Fax : 05-5268828
Dried Meat, Preserved Meat And Sausages
Dewina Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Dewina Trading Sdn Bhd
Dewina Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 11, Jalan P/9B,
Kawasan Perusahaan,
Bandar Baru Bangi,
43650, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel 603-8926-2828   Fax 603-8926-2288
Ready Meals In Flexible Aluminum Pouches, Includes Meat Dishes, Vegetable Dishes, Sauces And Various Curries
Econfood Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
Lot 2537 Pt A Rahman
Mukim Benut
82200 Pontian
Johor Malaysia
Tel : 07-6904248   Fax : 07-6904264
Jelly Cups, Confectionery, Packaging Of Edible Oil, Nata De Coco, Soft Drinks And Carbonated Waters Industries, Jelly With Nata De Coco
Fourseason Foodstuff Ind (M) Sdn Bhd
Lot 2688, Mk 1 Jalan Perusahaan
Kawasan Perindustrian Prai
13600 Butterworth
Penang Malaysia
Tel : 04-3908051   Fax : 04-3995034
Cup Jelly, Coffee Mix, Ginger Mix, Cereal Mix, Ice Tube Drinks
Goodfood Industries Sdn Bhd
Lot 158, Semambu Industrial Estate
25350 Kuantan
Pahang Malaysia
Tel : 09-5661311   Fax : 09-5665622
Chocolate Products, Snack Fish, Rainbow Vermicelli, Cocoa Vermicelli
Hung Chun Sdn Bhd
Lot 11293, Jalan Lahat, Falim
30200 Ipoh, Perak Malaysia
Tel : 05-2825167   Fax : 05-2825158
Soya Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Sour Plum Sauce, Vinegar, Fish Gravy, Sesame Oil
Hwa Tai Industries Bhd
12 Jalan Jorak,
Kawasan Perindustrian Tongkang Pecah, 
83010, Batu Pahat, Johor,  Malaysia.
Tel: 07-4151688   Fax: 07-4151135
Manufacturer and Exporter of
Biscuits, Crackers, Potato Chip & Cookies, Cakes, Cream Sandwitch
Huat Huat Food Trading Co
37 Jalan Firma 2/1
Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau 1
81100 Johor Bahru
Johor Malaysia
Tel : 07-3547055   Fax : 07-3547073
Snack Food, Butter Cookies, Cuttlefish
Jeehuat Foodstuffs Industries Sdn Bhd
1760 Mk 14, Permatang Tinggi
14100 Simpang Ampat
Seberang Prai
Penang Malaysia 
Tel : 04-5887306   Fax : 04-5887737
Canned Fruits And Vegetables, Canned Sea foods, Canned Fruit Juice Drinks, Dried And Frozen Seafood, Vegetable, Fruit, Coconut Water (Canned)
Kart Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Lot 9, 11 Jalan Bawang Putih 24/34
Seksyen 24
40300 Shah Alam
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-5541-4199   Fax 03-5541-7948
Frozen Food
K.G.Pastry Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Lot 21 Jalan Lada Hitam 16/12
Kawasan Perindustrian MIEL
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-5519-2751   Fax 03-5519-3901
Buns, Spring Rolls And Samosa, Potato Croquette, Oriental Dim Sim
Kawan Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
521 Jalan Riang 12
Happy Garden Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel 03-7983-7577   Fax 03-7983-6951
Frozen Buns And Pastries, Frozen Mini Puffs, Curry Puffs
Kun Fa Foodstuff Industry Sdn Bhd
Lot 603, Block 6
Kawasan Perusahaan Kg Telok
Sungai Dua, 13800 Butterworth
Penang Malaysia
Tel : 04-3561269   Fax : 04-3561264
Food Products, Toys
Khaw Tai Food Industries Sdn Bhd
PLO 26, Tanjung Agas Indsutrial Area
84000 Muar
Johor Malaysia
Tel : 06-9523425   Fax : 06-9527588
Dry Noodle, instant Noodle, Chinese Steamed Dried Noodles, Mee Suah (Wheat Flour Vermicelli)
Keebler Company (M) Sdn Bhd
2638 Jalan Perusahaan
Kawasan Perusahaan Perai
13600 Perai
Pulau Pinang Malaysia
Tel : 04-3907699   Fax : 04-3908202
Snack Food s Made Of Rice And Corn
Legend Foods Sdn Bhd
5130 & 5131 Lorong 18/62A
Taman Sri Serdang Industrial Park
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-8948-0022   Fax 03-8942-6399
Muruku Mixture Snacks, Cashew Nuts, Snack Food, Tapioca Chips And Sweet Potato Chips, Importer Of Groundnuts, Tapioca Flour And Mango Pulp
Lam Soon (M) Bhd
Lot 5, Jalan 205
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-7781-2755   Fax 03-7781-2572
RBD/NBD Palm Olein, RBD Palm Stearine, Crude Palm, Stearine, RBD/NBD Palm Oil, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, Crude Glycerine, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fats (Palm Kernel Oil, Soya bean Oil),

Dairy Spread, Specialty Fats, Cocoa Butter Replacer, Cocoa Butter Substitute, Soaps, Laundry Bar Soaps, Liquid Detergents, Powder Detergents, Cooking Oil

Mac Food Services (M) Sdn Bhd
7 Jalan SS 13/5, Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-5633-0222   Fax 03-5634-0189
Beef Patties, Mc Chicken Patties, Chicken Mc Nuggets, Fish Portions, Bone-In Chicken
M'sian Vermicelli Manufacturers (Melaka) Sdn Bhd
Batu 4 Batu Berendam
75350 Melaka Malaysia
Tel : 06-3172888   Fax : 06-3172688
Mauri Fermentation (M) Sdn Bhd
Lot 4185, Kampong Baru Balakong
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Malaysia
Tel 03-8961-2864   Fax 03-8961-1373
Compressed Bakers Yeast, Active Dry Yeast, Instant Yeast, Vinegar, Bread Improver, Cake Stabilizer, Baking Powder, Emulsified Fat, Bakery Ingredients, Cream Yeast

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