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Export Transportation and Shipment


"...depending on the circumstances shipping companies may levy one or more charges, in additional to the standard rates..."



Part 1
Export Shipment, alternative shipping methods & flag preference

The foreign may buyer arrange the transportation of the goods himself and many countries now insist that their importers use the country's own merchant fleet or flag line for importing goods.

Part 2
Ocean Shipping and ocean freight rates?

In shipping your goods by sea, you can choose from different types of ocean shipping: Conference lines, non-conference lines, tramp shipping lines or national flag lines.

Part 3
Freight Surcharges, shipping stowage & shipping procedures

When the exporter's goods have been unloaded at the dockside, it is the shipping company's responsibility to ensure that they loaded aboard the correct ship.



Part 4
Ocean Bill of Lading, loading goods aboard ship & transportation

With the goods safely loaded aboard the ship, the shipping agent issues a "clean" ocean bill of lading to the exporter when there are no shortages or damaged crates.

Part 5
Airway bill and transportation strategy

Freight charges are based on weight or measurement... The rate are per pound or per unit of 250 cubic inches. The contract between the airline and the exporter is called an airway bill.

Part 6
The Role of Freight Forwarders and what is freight forwarding

The freight forwarder ensure that your goods receive the priority, documentation are appropriately filled and your goods reaches its destination in the specified time.

Part 7
About The Freight Forwarder and freight forwarding

Many factors influences the method by which goods are transported: commodity, market trends, politics, economic stability, geographical elements and climate. "Freight Forwarders" has to adapt to these factors.




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