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Cargo Manifest, Health Certificate, Import License, Insurance Certificate and Export Declaration Form.

The importing country may also requires the exporter to have an import license.

Cargo Manifest or Packing List

When quantities, weights or contents of the various packing cases in an export shipment vary, it is usual to prepare a separate list for each case indicating its contents, weight and measurements.

It also often includes the outside dimension of each case and the total cubic content and total weight of the shipment.

Usually, cargo manifests or packing lists are not specifically required by the Customs authorities, from various importing countries.

However, they serve as useful supplements to the commercial invoice that accompanies the export shipment.




Health Certificate

When animals, animal products or plant products are exported, the importing country usually requires a certificate of health or sanitary certificate.

This document certifies that the goods exported are free from disease and insect pests or, in the case of food products that they have been prepared in accordance with prescribed standards.

Such certificate can be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture. If the importing country requires that the documents accompanying the shipment be legalized, then the health certificate should also be submitted to the Consul of that foreign country.


Import License

The importing country may also allow the exporter to have an import license.

This is usual, when a country restrict imports in general or when a country wishes to protect a particular local industry from foreign competition.

The import license is obtained by the foreign importer and sent to the exporter. The documents then, are presented to the Consul for legalization.




Insurance Certificate

Ocean carriers disclaim any responsibility for damage or loss of goods being shipped unless directly caused by their negligence.

Therefore, the exporter will normally arrange marine insurance for its shipment. The insurance certificate is the document that sets out the amount insured and the terms of the coverage.

Export Declaration Forms

It is usually necessary for the exporter that wishes to ship goods abroad, to fill out a form called an Export Declaration.

This form required by the government whenever the value of the shipment exceeds a certain minimum amount or whenever a duty drawback is claimed, it is available at local Customs offices.

The document are also used for statistical purposes so that government authorities know exactly what has been exported from the country in each month and year and to which country.

The information required include a description of the goods, their quantity, value and destination of the goods and whether the goods originated in the exporting country or are the goods of foreign origin being re-exported.

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