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Countries that require consular invoices also require commercial invoices as proof of the export shipment.

Failure to complete the forms properly may lead to a fine and/or delay in clearing the goods through foreign Customs.



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Export documentations, consular invoice, commercial invoice & certificate of origin

Such documentation is one of the tasks of an export firm's or of a shipping agent (freight forwarder) whose services may be employed for a fee. In addition to the documents required by the foreign country, the exporter must also provide an export declaration.



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About Certificate of Value, bill of lading & cargo manifest?

Bill of Lading - A document supplied to the exporter by the shipping company that is transporting the goods to their foreign destination, listing, item by item of the goods being shipped. Airlines use what is called an Air Waybill.

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About Health certificate, import license, insurance certificate & export declaration form?

When animals, animal products or plant products are exported, the importing country usually requires a certificate of health or sanitary certificate to certifies that the goods are free from disease and insect pests.


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