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Secrets of International Trade


How to Conduct
Export Research?

  It makes good sense to focus the bulk of one's research efforts on specific foreign markets - the ones that the company will try to enter first.

The objective is to identify those countries that import your type of product.



Part 1/3
How to conduct Export Research and how to select and Analyze Foreign Market?

One technique that some exporters use to identify potential target countries, is to analyze the most recent import statistics of various countries.



Part 2/3
The exporter should ask himself a number of questions about his product & determine how exportable?

Analysis of Export Pricing - The guiding principle in calculating an export price is to make sure that all possible costs are included using a Costing Sheet to ensure that no items have been overlooked.


Part 3/3
An Important question 'export research' can seek is - how to distribute your product in the foreign market?

What is the best way to export to that foreign market (through agent or distributor)? The more information obtained, the better will be, to formulate your export distribution strategy.


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