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Analysis of Export Distribution Research


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"An Important question 'export research' can seek are - how to distribute your product in the foreign market?"

The more information obtained, the better will be, to formulate your export distribution strategy.

The types of
questions to be asked:

1. What are the distributions structure channels of distribution (wholesalers, retailers, etc.) in the foreign market?

2.What are the mark-ups normally required by the various middlemen?

3. What kinds of promotional assistance will they provide for the product?

4. Who are the principal importers? Their reputation, efficiency, and financial strength?



  5. What are the best way to export to that particular foreign market (through agent or distributor.

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6. Does the foreign country specify the type of distribution allowed?

7. Are exclusive agency or distributorship desirable?

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8. How good are the sales force of the agent or distributor?

9. Do You need to appoint your own sales managers to monitor the performance of sales agents or distributors abroad?

10. Are the foreign market dominate by a middleman or manufacturer?

11. Are the agents or distributors able and willing to provide services?

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12. How difficult will it be to get reputable agents or distributors to handle the product in the foreign country?

13. What types of incentives do you have that you can provide?

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How to conduct Export Research and how to select and Analyze Foreign Market?

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Determine how exportable is your products?

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How to distribute your product in the foreign market?

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