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Sales Contract for Export

"...adopting General Standard Conditions is legally binding, whether or not both parties are aware of or understand, every provision..."

Export sales contract can be informal or formal, depending on the foreign buyer.

  • 1. An offer to sell made over the telephone by the exporter, covering the  type of good, quantity to be sold, per unit price and delivery and payment terms accepted by the foreign buyer or an offer to buy from the importer.

    # Such a contract may be preceded by the series of offers and counter-offers before the final offer and acceptance. Such a contract may or may not be confirmed in writing.

    # It usually occurs between branches of the same company or between long-standing trade partners or between reputable companies dealing in commodities subject to rapid price changes.

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How to develop your export market?

Page 1 How to develop your export market?

Page 2 How to benefit from export merchant or agent?

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Page 4 Socialist Countries
Licensing and Join Venture

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Page 6 Incoterms describe the responsibilities of seller and buyer





  • 2. An offer to sell made by airmail, courier, telex, cable, facsimile, E-mail, FaceBook, SMS or any form or electronic digital communication by the exporter and accepted by the foreign buyer.
  • 3. A pro-forma invoice by facsimile, air mailed, E-mailed, FaceBook, SMS or any form or electronic digital communication or courier by the exporter to the buyer and confirmed by the foreign buyer.
  • 4. A formal typewritten contract setting out all the conditions of the sale and signed by both buyer and seller.

When the export contract is made quickly and informally, some of the conditions are either assumed or clarified later which, of course, may lead to dispute and misunderstanding.

One way to avoid misunderstanding is to agree to use what are called General Standard Conditions.

These are standardized contract terms that permit the parties to refer to a pre-established set of rules that can be incorporated into their contract.

Once such General Standard Conditions have been adopted, they are legally binding whether or not both parties are aware of and understand every provision.

Incoterms, is one particular kind of General Standard Conditions so if the exporter and buyer agree on an FOB price - it has a clear defined Incoterms meaning and is legally binding.



Page 7 Definitions of INCOTERMS trade terms

Page 8 About commercial disputes and arbitration

Page 9 About The World Trade Center Association

Page 10 Direct Export & Indirect Export Procedures 













Checklist for Indirect Export

  • 1. Prepare a short list of trading houses that might be interested in your Product.
  • 2. Try to get references and recommendations about them.
  • 3. Ask for information from each, explaining why.
  • 4. Visit the most promising to find out what they can do for you.
  • 5. Keep in mind which foreign markets you intend to enter first.
  • 6. Reserve those foreign markets you wish to export directly.
  • 7. Supply the trading houses selected by you with information about your company and products.
  • 8. Negotiate an agreement whereby the trading house buys directly from you or acts as your export agent.
  • 9. Fill each export order as and when received and maintain contact. Procedures for Indirect Exporting

Checklist for Direct Exporting

1. Decide whether you will sell directly to foreign users or through an import agent or whether you will sell to a foreign distributor, who will resell your product.

2. Prepare literature about your company and its products that can be used to support your export efforts.

3. If selling directly to foreign users yourself, prepare a sales campaign (direct mail, trade show participation, foreign visits, etc.) and develop a list of sales leads.

4. Begin sending letters to prospective customers and following up on sales leads. Procedures for Direct Exporting


Checklist for selling through an
Import Agent or Distributor

Begin the search for a suitable agent or distributor in each foreign market

1. Choose an agent or distributor and negotiate an agency or distributorship agreement.

2. Monitor the performance of the agent or distributor.

3. Sales Contract for the Exporter.

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Next page 6/10 - Incoterms - "...a situation in which everything is the responsibility of the seller and the extreme where everything is the responsibility of the buyer..."



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How to develop your export market?


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Secrets of
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