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Secrets of International Trade


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  In the international market place, the size of a company is not an important factor.

Smaller firms exporting are just as effective as large corporations.



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Why Export?

Multinational firms concentrate on expansion into markets that offer the greatest profit potential and knowingly bypass segments.

These bypassed segments can serve as profitable markets for the smaller exporters, they can sense, retrieve, and react to market information more quickly than the larger corporations.


Part 2/3
Organizing for Export

It should start off by appointing a competent person called an Export Manager.

The guiding principle in calculating an Analysis of Export Pricing is to make sure that all possible costs are included using a Costing Sheet to ensure that no items have been overlooked.



Part 3/3
Procedures for Exporting

The Export Manager should set out on paper for all to follow, clearly comprehensive defined procedures that will give a sense of direction to export activities.

The most important export preparation is developing an Export Marketing Plan to be set out on paper to guide the efforts of the Export Manager and his team.


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