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Secrets of International Trade


Trade Barriers


  Tariff Barriers may be one of the following four types: Ad valorem, Specific, Alternative or Compound.

These barriers represent an extra cost of doing business that can be built into the price.


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What are Tariff Barriers, types of tariff non-tariff barriers & dutiable weights?

Tariff :are tax levied by the foreign government on goods imported into that country. These tariff barriers represent an extra cost of doing business that can be built into the export price.

Part 2/11
What are Tariff Lists and anti dumping duties?

Are dutiable list for goods subject to customs duties and a free list for goods permitted to enter free of duty. Depending on the country, the dutiable list may be classified in any one of three different ways.



Part 3/11
What are Countervailing Duties & custom nomenclature? They are additional import duties that a government may levy on goods exported from their country of origin.

Part 4/11
About Bonded Warehouses, free trade zone, GATT & WTO?

Bonded Warehouses in which dutiable imports may be temporarily stored. Import duty need to be paid only as and when the goods are removed for domestic sale.



Part 5/11
To trade with a member state of The EEC, it is a legal requirement that products conforms with the European Directives.

The CE mark can only be applied when the product or products has undergone attestation according with the relevant directive and is proven by assembling a "Technical Construction File" on that product.


Part 6/11
About Trading Blocks, common tariff barrier &  European Economic Community


Part 7/11
Trading Blocks Nations - G77, G8, G15, D8, APEC, ASEM, AABF, COMESA, IOR-ARC, Mercosur, CHOGM

Part 8/11
Exchange control and 'import quotas' together with 'tariffs' are the main form of protectionism

An exporter may find that the foreign country restricts mostly imports not only by means of tariffs but also by qualitative measures.

Part 9/11
About Technical Barriers, voluntary restraints, custom valuation procedures

Customs authorities may argue that the documentation or marking of the goods is not exactly as required. Exporter documentation should try to give as little excuse as possible for such delays.




Part 10/11
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation - This huge regional trade group from 21 nations accounts for 50% the world's economic GDP output and 42% of its population


Part 11/11
The ASEAN Economic Community represents a huge market with a combined population of one 600 million people

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