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How to Draft an Export
Agency Agreement?


"Working knowledge of a contract is essential. You could find yourself in legal hot water that even the best attorneys can't get you out..."



Part 1/2
How to Draft an Export Agency Agreement? Appointment, Territory, Term and Scope. Neither party should have any liability to the other party in the contract.

A way to avoid misunderstanding are to agree to use what are called General Standard Conditions called: Incoterms



Part 2/2
Expiration or Termination, Private Information and...

Obligations on Expiration and Termination. Trademarks & Trade Names, Limitation of Liability, Failure to Enforce, Notices Executions and Modifications, etc.

Recommended further reading...

Export sales contract can be informal or formal, depending on the foreign buyer.

Incoterms standardized contract terms that permit the parties to refer to a pre-established set of rules that can be incorporated into the contract or agreement.


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