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Summary of Various Indirect Exporting

"Decide whether you want to sell directly to foreign buyers or indirectly through an export agent."

  • 1. Export Merchant - Handle a wide variety of products. Mostly buys and sells on their own.

  • 2. Export Agent/Broker - Negotiates export sales for a commission.

  • 3. Foreign Resident Buyer - Buys for his principal abroad.

  • 4. Manufacturer - Exports own products as well as related but non-competitive products.

  • 5. Export Consortium - Undertakes large projects abroad.

Procedures for INDIRECT Exporting


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How to develop your export market?

Page 1 How to develop your export market?

Page 2 How to benefit from export merchant or agent?

Page 3 About Foreign Distributor & Import Agent

Page 4 Socialist Countries
Licensing and Join Venture

Page 5 Sales Procedure for Export Export Contract

Page 6 Incoterms describe the responsibilities of seller and buyer






Prepare a short list of trading house that might be interested in handling your product.

  • 1. Get references and recommendations about them.
  • 2. Ask for information for each trading house, explaining your  purpose.
  • 3. Visit the most promising to find out what they may be able to do for your product.
  • 4. Keep in mind which foreign markets you wish to penetrate  first.
  • 5. Reserve those foreign markets that you wish to export to directly.
  • 6. Supply trading house selected by you with information about  your company products.
  • 7. Negotiate an agreement whereby the trading house buys directly from you or acts as your export agent covering prices, commissions, export support, orders, etc.
  • 8. Maintain close contact with the trading house, and monitoring its performance.

Page 7 Definitions of INCOTERMS trade terms

Page 8 About commercial disputes and arbitration

Page 9 About The World Trade Center Association

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Summary of Various Direct Exporting

1. Direct to Final Buyer Abroad - Manufacturer sells directly  to buyer abroad. No middlemen. Needs high degree of marketing skills.

2. Foreign Distributor - Buys and sells on own account.
He makes all the marketing decisions.

3. Foreign Agent - Sell your product on commission.

4. Foreign Broker - Handles primarily commodities and
deals in large volume, buying and selling for a fee.

5. Foreign Trade Organization - Specialized import agencies of socialist and some non-socialist countries.

6. Licensing Agreement - Exporter may seek royalty in exchanging for licensing a foreign firm to manufacture his product abroad, use his brand name, technology, etc.

7. Joint Venture - Exporter may enter into a partnership arrangement with a foreign firm to produce and market jointly in the foreign country

Procedures for DIRECT Exporting

Decide whether you want to sell directly to final foreign buyers yourself or through an import agent or to a foreign distributor located in the target market

1. Prepare literature about your company and products that would be suitable for your exporting activities.

2. If selling direct to final foreign buyers yourself, arrange for promotion campaign (direct mail, trade shows, advertising foreign visits, The Internet etc.) and develop a list of sales leads.

3. Begin sending letters, etc. to prospective customers and following up sales lead.

4. If selling through agent or distributor, begin search for
suitable agent or distributor in each foreign market.

5. Select agent or distributor

6. Negotiate and sign agency or distributorship agreement.

7. Fill orders, as and when received.

8. Monitor performance of agent or distributor.



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How to develop your export market?


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Secrets of
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