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How to Develop
your Export Market?


Part 1/9
How to Develop your Export Market?

What is an Export Merchant or Export Agent & Trading House?

Why you should consider Indirect Exporting?

Part 2/9
What is a Resident Foreign Buyer or a Resident Foreign Buying Agent?


Part 3/9
Foreign Import Agents & Foreign Distributors.

An agency agreement must specify that the relationship is that of an independent contractor. In this way the manufacturer cannot be held legally liable for actions committed by the import agent.

Part 4/9
Foreign Brokers Licensing or Joint Ventures licensing or joint venture is that you earn some money rather than none.

Part 5/9
Sales Contract for Export... One particular kind of General Standard Conditions are Incoterms


Part 6/9
What are Interco Terms 2000?
It defines precise obligations of
buyer & seller to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding.

Part 7/9
Commercial Disputes and Arbitration - Obligations of a Buyer and Seller?

Many firms include in formal sales contracts or agreement an arbitration clause that requires the arbitrators to follow the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration laid down by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Part 8/9
World Trade Centers are located around the world to Promote international trade-related business relationships.

Part 9/9
Exporting Procedures for indirect and direct exporting to sell directly or indirectly to foreign buyers or an export agent.

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